Help Us Help You

SERVICES OFFERED: CAM operates food pantries in Branson and Forsyth for Taney County residents and a monthly mobile outreach to communities in Eastern Taney County.  CAM counselors also provide referral resources for other emergency needs.

FOOD & FUND DRIVES:  In 2016 CAM distributed over 625,000 pounds of food and grocery products to Taney County residents in need.This distribution process is made possible by companies in the food and grocery industry and individuals who regularly donate surplus, distressed, and damaged food and grocery items to us so we may help those Taney county families who need it most. Cash donations enable us to purchase additional food to meet the basic food groups of the government nutritional food pyramid. Whether you are interested in donating a bag of groceries or a truckload of fresh bananas, a pallet of close-to-code granola bars, or a case of toothpaste, we truly appreciate the help. This past year CAM served 22,874 families or 38,215 individuals in Taney County experiencing crisis. That equates to 458,580 meals.

OUTREACH PROGRAM: In an effort to help people in the more rural areas of Taney County, CAM distributes food in Bradleyville, Cedarcreek and Protem on the first Wednesday of each month.  This outreach enables many residents without the means to get to Forsyth or Branson a way to obtain food for their families.


According to the USDA, households that are unable to put adequate food on the table continues to rise to the highest levels since monitoring of household food security began in 1995.

The escalating demand for emergency food assistance has been increasing dramatically over the past 3 years. Children account for over one third of the people being helped each month.

As a community supported organization Christian Action Ministries is dedicated to providing caring assistance in the spirit and name of Jesus Christ.

Your donation of volunteer time, food, money, and prayer are critical to the support of these activities.